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Choose a ticket below for admission to 2021 Lazy T Ranch - Kansas To The Stars corn maze and fall activities - This ticket entitles you to one day admission any day the maze is open. 

This year's corn maze is on 10 acres and there are 5 miles of trail in 3 different mazes. You can do 1, 2, or 3 mazes. There are games in two of the mazes- Farm Scene Investigation and new this year - the Bee Waggle game. We estimate 1.5 hours+ to get through all 3 mazes. There are 12 checkpoints in the mazes plus 6 Bee Waggle checkpoints. You'll receive a map when you check in, to help you find your way and checkpoints.

There are over 20 other activities beyond the maze which you can do. Some of these include: 

  1. Hayrack Rides to Sugarloaf Hill
  2. Laser Tag*(+$3)
  3. Hay Bale Fort
  4. Pedal Kart Track
  5. Native Prairie Meadow
  6. Disc Golf on the Prairie
  7. Rancher Ron’s Corn Bin & Sand Play Area
  8. Combine Slide
  9. Livestock Chute Jump
  10. Buckin’ Bronc
  11. Rope the Steer
  12. Barrel Train Ride
  13. Kansas River Mining Co.* (+$6)
  14. Corn Jump pad
  15. Bee bouncehouse
  16. Hike to Sugarloaf Hill
  17. Covered Wagon (photo opp)
  18. Prairie Springs Trail to Celebration Point
  19. Playland & Flint Hills Fun Slide
  20. Horse Viewing—Llamaland
  21. Barnyard Friends (goats, llama, chickens, rabbits) There are 3 red sheds – one larger with goats, llama, miniature horse, a small with chickens and a smaller with rabbits)
  22. Obstacle course – line between 2 trees with handles hanging down to swing along (“monkey bars”)
  23. Pollinator labyrinth – a heart shaped path through a colorful field of flowers
  24. Horse hula hoop


Concessions, mining sluice (mining for gemstones, arrowheads or fossils), stuffable animal workshop and laser tag are available for purchase onsite. 

The maze is located at Lazy T Ranch, 2013 Zeandale Rd, which is 2 miles east of Highway 177 on Highway 18. Enter under the Lazy T Ranch sign and continue straight to the parking area on your left. When you arrive, we will check you in at Prairie Pavilion. You'll be given a card with the maze information, with a map on one side showing check points. You'll also receive a map of the grounds, showing other activities and locations.

Game in the maze information: Farmer Joe is missing and you can find out what happened to him by locating the potential culprits in the maze. You'll be given a card to punch who didn't do it - and by the process of elimination, you'll know who did it! If you identify who did it, you'll receive a reward when you return to Prairie Pavilion! For the Bee Waggle game - you'll be given a sheet - find 6 checkpoints, record the bee dance moves - return to Prairie Pavilion and show us the moves and you'll receive a reward!

We are located on over 400 acres, and you will be able to walk, enjoy the Flint Hills, and see wildflowers and native prairie meadow.

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting our maze! If you have any problems, questions, or need assistance in any way, feel free to contact any staff member while you are here or call or text 785-844-0274. We have worked throughout the year to bring this to you, and we want everyone to have an enjoyable time!